Unleashing Startup Innovation with Cloud Communications and Collaboration

Running a startup isn’t easy; risks are high—as are the rewards and growth opportunities. The days are often long and stressful as you set out on your plan to constantly innovate and bring to market that killer app or game-changing solution that will redefine a category and revolutionize the world—while simultaneously assembling a geographically dispersed high-performing team.

Digital transformation has revolutionized how businesses and their employees communicate and collaborate. Unlike larger companies that are burdened by legacy, on-premises solutions, startups start with a clean slate and are in the perfect position to benefit from state-of-the-art cloud technologies like unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and leverage it without upfront hardware capital investments that may inhibit, not fuel, future growth, and scale.

Today, many startups leverage their mobile devices, maybe a free messaging app, and sometimes a video meeting tool, but disparate individual tools just don’t work cohesively, often creating a less than favorable employee experience (EX) and adding complications to operations during growth periods and attempts to scale.

RingCentral Office® enables your startup to fuel innovation through better collaboration, including:

• Empowering work from everywhere with cloud-based messaging, video, and phone

• Driving global technology innovation with a flexible, open platform approach

• Enhancing customer and partner experience with advanced digital tools

Savvy startups realize the importance of using reliable and always-on cloud communications that bring together messaging, video, and phone within a single unified platform to speed collaboration and drive innovation.


Startups often have some of the most digital-savvy employees across any industry segment. These employees expect to have a comprehensive digital set of unified communications and collaboration tools to match their skill set and empower them to collaborate with others anywhere in the world—and on any device.

RingCentral Office, with its unified message, video, and phone capabilities, provides these unified tools, including:

  • Real-time messaging with seamless file sharing
  • Multifunctional video conferencing that can be done instantly, on any device
  • The flexibility to make voice-only calls from a mobile device, softphone app, or desk phone—regardless of the remote location

Your startup team needs to work together and collaborate in real-time every day, regardless of where they are. By providing an ideal connected employee experience, you can help unleash the real-time tech innovation culture that your startup needs to thrive and grow.

You don’t want something that’s just powerful—it should be cost-effective and able to grow with you too. It must include the latest AI-centric capabilities with analytics and reporting that are easy to use and insightful.

We understand that most startups in the early stages run lean and need to be agile. Most don’t have any formal IT teams to manage day-to-day operations and complex implementations, so we’ve made the deployment process for RingCentral simple and intuitive for startups. You can easily create a new location, add users, or add phones—which are operational the same day.


Customers and your partners are the lifeblood of your startup, and supporting and retaining them is a top—if not your most important—priority to grow your business. They expect real-time customer engagement on their digital channel of choice.

• Support and engage customers with the omnichannel cloud contact center.
• Manage all inbound, outbound, and digital channels in a single workspace

RingCentral Engage Digital™ is built from the ground up to address these quickly changing customer behaviors. Using an AI-based smart routing engine, RingCentral Engage Digital enables your startup to efficiently manage customer experience (CX) and customers’ interactions across all digital channels in a single, easy-to-use interface that’s super cost-effective.


Startups want to look as professional as they can on Day 1 as they begin to engage with suppliers, distributors, partners, and customers. Every business wants the “next great tool” to help them keep pace while managing costs. RingCentral Office enables your startup to easily deploy a secure network with best-in-breed extensibility.

• Open platform and APIs to fuel tech innovation across global teams

• Integrated with core apps that your teams use everyday

• On-demand analytics and reporting to provide valued insights into all communications


Imagine having the power of your key applications integrated right into your laptop or device and having every vital detail of your customer and partners pop up automatically just by their phone number. RingCentral has a complete and powerful platform with strong open APIs to build custom integrations. The RingCentral App Gallery has hundreds of pre-built integrations for everyday applications like Google, Box, Salesforce, Jira, Office 365, Okta, and many more you need now or as your business grows.


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