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When it comes to ensuring the smooth running of a legal practice, it’s integral to have comprehensive and robust IT solutions in place across every element of your operation. With new threat to business operations coming in the forms of insecure data, system downtime, and insufficient security measures, ensuring an integrated and thoroughly managed system is in place across every part of your workflow sets your business free for growth and momentum.  


Current technology issues 


There’s a wide-ranging number of issues currently facing the legal industry across the areas of technology, data security and systems and operations management. These include… 


  • Disconnected systems across marketing, business development teams and lawyers. Centralised workflows and knowledge bases are contingent to the successful and smooth operations of the internal functionality within legal corporations. Disconnected systems can result in security risks, wasted time, inconsistent file handling and a general decrease in productivity. 


  • Inconsistent data entry. Inconsistent data entries as a result of multiple manual inputs can lead to bumps in the road to success. Approaching data management with a rigorous, centralised and automated solution is necessary to the increased operational output of any legal team. 



  • Incomplete or inaccessible knowledge bases. Without central knowledge bases and adequate data frameworks, teams are left chasing email chains, old documents and searching for answers. 


  • Inadequate client relationship management systems. If clients aren’t streamlined into an automated and holistic customer relationship management, the odds of their data and communication sitting on the wrong desk increase exponentially. Leads are lost and opportunities are missed. 



  • Manual, outdated document management systems. If your legal practice isn’t automating the workflow of paper documents and embracing the freedom and security of digitisation, you’re leaving your operations open to risk. 

Impacts to the industry if issues are unresolved


While there’s more issues facing the legal industry in these key areas, the issues outlined above carry deep potential impact if they’re left unresolved in your organisation, including… 


  • With a lack of integrated systems comes the direct loss of opportunity – when incoming leads and business enquiries aren’t followed up, the impact on bottom like profits and revenues is the next to follow. 


  • A lack of a centralised knowledge base across areas such as existing customers, internal matters and historical cases leads to knowledge gaps across your staff and support services, creating redundancy in communication and slowing down progress on forward momentum. 


  • Multiple versions of documents that aren’t correctly managed lead to confusion about which version is the most-up-to-date and where key documents are easily accessible by the wider team. This can lead to the sharing of inaccurate information, a decrease in the robustness of client communications and major issues across the communication chain. 

Motionwave Technologies Solutions 


In response to these core issues, Motionwave Technologies offers customised solutions to the legal industry through a number of key products and services. Embracing the use of technology to enhance internal operations, increase security and contribute to improved systems managements, the resolution of these issues can also lead to increased profitability as a result of smooth and secure workflows. 


Products Include: 

Microsoft Office 365

Designed for business and enterprise, Microsoft Office 365 comes complete with 99.9% email uptime and the full suite of Office applications for your staff, both in online and offline environments.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Wave goodbye to outdated document management with Microsoft Sharepoint, a document management system that takes the form of a web-based collaborative platform. With direct integration into Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint makes it easier than ever to send, receive, share and update documents across organisations. This takes place in a secure environment, ensuring data is protected from external access.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a sophisticated business management system that allows teams to keep track of current opportunities, maintain client relationships and make the most of a centralised knowledgebase. By removing siloed staff experiences, marketing, activities, sales and reporting can all take place under one secure platform. This creates enriched visibility, insights and actionable data sets across every aspect of legal practice management.

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