Centralized IT Services

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Security updates management
  • Antivirus/Anti Malware
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services


Centralising your technology services gives us an invaluable 360-degree overview of your current IT system. This broad view helps us to identify and proactively deal with smaller IT issues – before they turn into major issues that impact on your business, such as costing you productivity and money because your staff cannot access or work with important data, emails and files.

Network Administration

  • Proactive Technology Management
  • Best Practices
  • Implement the 'Motionwave Way'


Are your computer systems set up to follow the best practices that were recommended by their vendors? Does your IT service provider produce documentation and standardization on how they deliver their service? Or does everything somehow work out by lucky accident?


All of our clients benefit from our consistent implementation of the 'Motionwave way' same proven standard and processes. As we constantly implement these tested processes and standardisation across all our clients, our helpdesk team is extremely familiar with our processes – and the faster we can resolve our customers' network issues.

Virtual CIO

  • Business impact of technology
  • Technology Summary
  • Design Desk
  • Budget Planning


How savvy about IT are you – is your business strategy aligned with your technology adoption? Technology is moving fast – how much can you understand the technology and solutions recommended by your current IT service providers? If you're not 100 percent convinced you have it right, should you get a second opinion?


We make it simple and cut through the complex. We can provide advice and answer questions on your current technology in plain English, so you can understand if solutions have been correctly implemented and be sure that the solution recommended is right for your business requirements.  Get it right with our expert advice.


  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Onsite Service
  • How-To-Questions


Excellent customer support is our daily priority to assist you in managing your IT operations. We know how busy you are and how technology doesn't always do exactly what you want when you most need it to.


Customers simply call us to discuss computer and software questions or problems and our staff can directly connect remotely to their computers to analyse any issues that they have and in most situations, quickly resolve them over the phone.


If our staff cannot resolve an issue over the phone, we arrange an on-site visit to promptly resolve that issue in person with you as rapidly as possible.

Professional Service

  • Implement New Technology
  • Escalations
  • SWOT team


Are you getting the best IT planning advice? Deciding on and implementing new technology requires good project planning.


It's vital that your new technology is aligned with your business strategy. At the outset, we discuss their business strategy with business owners, current IT infrastructure, and existing legacy software to see if you will get benefits from new technology implementation.


It isn't just 'one size fits all', businesses should not just implement cloud technology because it's the latest trend. They may not be qualified for or benefit from a cloud solution. Their current IT infrastructure may not yet support adopting a cloud solution. All prerequisite requirements have to be analysed.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Did you have your new web application created without consulting your IT service provider? Cutting corners in web application development can result in serious problems:

  • Changes made by your IT service provider will impact your new web application – which could then stop working, while you have no idea why.
  • Your application becomes inaccessible as a result of security restrictions your IT service provider set up.


At Motionwave we create new web or mobile applications for our customers while maintaining their infrastructure. The benefits to your business include:

  • Increased productivity – no need to work out which supplier supports which applications, then call several different IT vendors anymore. We can look after all your hardware, software and web applications.
  • Less 'blame game' – when something goes wrong, the last thing that you want to know is whose fault it is for the issue – you just want it fixed, professionally and fast. Letting us deal with your technology issues means no more different IT vendors coming up with wrong advice or excuses.
  • Peace of mind – just call us as a single point of contact for all your technology needs.
  • Enhanced Security – from the beginning, we create your web/mobile applications with security considerations in mind because we are also looking after your IT infrastructure.

Better Together with Office 365

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