Managed Services

Centralized IT Services

By centralizing your IT services, you can ensure your team and your business’s assets are protected on all IT fronts without inhibiting access to your IT services. Motionwave can provide centralized IT services that allow your team to collaborate from anywhere across a deployed Standard Operating Environment (SOE) that ensures a smooth, secure and consistent computing experience across every member of your team. By centralizing your IT services, you’ll also benefit from Motionwave’s ability to access a complete oversight of your existing IT system and increase responsiveness to any IT issues that arise.


  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Security updates management
  • Antivirus/Anti Malware
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services


Centralising your technology services gives us an invaluable 360-degree overview of your current IT system. This broad view helps us to identify and proactively deal with smaller IT issues – before they turn into major issues that impact on your business, such as costing you productivity and money because your staff cannot access or work with important data, emails and files.


Pre-paid IT Support Services


Reduce the risk of blow-out costs and IT nightmares through Motionwave’s pre-paid IT Support Services. When Motionwave is already managing your IT services, finding the support you need to keep your business running smoothly is not an issue. By pre-paying for IT Support Services, you can gain the benefits of consistent costs and no unexpected bills when everyday IT issues arise for your business.


  • Helpdesk (Email & Phone) Support
  • Onsite Support


As a business owner, you are always looking for the best service provier to delivery an exceptional service while reducing cost and increasing profit for your business.


Motionwave Technologies offers a flexible, cost-effective, no fixed term contract IT service that best fit your business budget. Call our reliable IT technician when you need assistance.


Project Services


Embarking on a new project? Motionwave can assist in implementing suitable and effective IT services, ranging from data management and security through to workflow planning and connectivity. Whatever your project needs, Motionwave has the IT tools for the task.


Managed Desktop Services


Motionwave provides Managed Desktop Services that are both proactive – through scheduled maintenance and update implementation – and reactive. When your team runs into issues within their desktop environment, Motionwave’s support specialists are on hand to problem-solve and provide solutions. Motionwave also has the capacity to deploy industry-leading Antivirus and Anti-Malware solutions to keep your business protected on every front. Managed Desktop Services provide increased security, reduced response times and a cost-effective solution to your desktop environment’s safety needs and IT requirements.


Buy IT Hardware and Software


  • Software Asset Management Audit


Are you overloaded with software and associated software costs, but unsure of the value they’re really providing to your business? Motionwave’s Software Asset Management Audit provides a deep-level critique of the software your business is currently using or could benefit from the use of. Reduce unnecessary spends and gain the benefits of software specifically suited to your business’s needs through implementing the outcomes of this targeted audit service.


  • Microsoft 365


Motionwave can manage the purchase/subscription and usage of your business’s Microsoft 365 engagement, advising on the best software setup and asset acquisition based on your business’s needs.


  • Life Cycle Asset Management


Gain from a true understanding of the life cycle stages of your assets. Motionwave’s Life Cycle Asset Management helps your business forecast asset spend requirements and increase productivity. By advising on purchasing decisions, forecasting lead times and providing insight into the best assets for the job, Motionwave can save you time, energy and money through the comprehensive management of your assets’ life cycles.

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