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Cybersecurity needs to be on top of everyone’s mind – not just IT. That’s because 82% of successful cyber attacks are activated by Phishing or the act of sending malicious emails designed to trick people into falling for a scam. This act is typically intended to get the users to reveal financial information, system credentials, or other sensitive data. Cybercriminals use three primary phishing techniques to steal information: malicious web links, malicious attachments, and fraudulent data-entry forms. This technique of cybercriminals using fraudulent emails has been rampant even now because phishing is easy, cheap, and very effective.

It’s important to recognize the consequences of falling for a phishing attack at home or work. Phishing campaigns often target businesses for larger payouts, but many also cast a wide net to trap individuals across the globe. Individuals are usually targeted for identity theft, but financial theft is also possible. Businesses are targets for financial theft, data theft, or theft of trade secrets.

Have you been a victim of phishing attacks? If your answer is YES then we recommend that you implement a layered approach to stop threats targeting your people and business. A fully integrated solution that provides cutting-edge threat intelligence and technology combined with educated users to keep your organization safe from phishing.

What ProofPoint can do:

  • Accurately detect phishing with our unique Impostor Classifier that dynamically classifies email threats
  • URL defense helps effectively detect, catch, and analyze billions of URLs every day
  • Increase phishing prevention and protection by up to 90% with security awareness training
  • Remove risk without increasing manual overhead by automating incident response including phishing remediation
  • Provide adaptive security control to risky users with email isolation

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