SD-WAN Private IP

SD-WAN Private IP

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks. SD-WAN links all your branch offices with software built in an Internet router/modem. The SD-WAN solution removes dependency on your Internet Service Providers (ISPs). You can choose your own ISPs at each branch office and the SD-WAN software can automatically link them all up.


How does it work?


A typical organisation that needs SD-WAN is an organisation with multiple branches who require the ability to link all branches to their head office in order to ensure file accessibility. SD-WAN securely connects multiple offices via public Internet. Each branch office can be connected to a different type of Internet connection – e.g NBN, Fibre, 4G, wireless Ethernet, or satellite. Connectivity between all offices is controlled by software in a router/modem installed in each office.


What are the benefits?


  • Ease of Access: With an SD-WAN adaption, employees at all sites are able to operate as if they’re sitting in the same office. They can share files, applications, and software even if they’re located physically within different offices.


  • Faster Setup: New office setups can be completed in a day instead of across weeks. SD-WAN speeds up your new office setup process significantly.


  • Redundancy: You don’t need to rely on your connectivity to your head office. A back-up site can be deployed in other offices in order to allow you to access company resources when your head office is unavailable. You can utilize multiple Internet connectivity capacities for back-up purposes.

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