Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security

Cybercrime is a complex matter and can be risky for businesses if they don’t take adequate precautions. Sources of cyber-attack can be from desktop, network, server, and more.  It only takes a single hit to bring down a business, and that single hit can result in the loss of profit, functionality, secured data, business IP and the business’s future. Could your small business survive for weeks without access to its data? By working with data security experts trained and experienced in protecting businesses from all kinds of nuanced cyber-attacks, you benefit from the peace of mind of knowing your business’s assets and capacity to produce an income are protected.


Network Security


The rules of the cyber protection game change almost daily, with new waves of cyber crime introduced as technology changes and evolves. With cyber criminals always trying to remain a step ahead of security software protections, it’s important to work with the best in the industry when it comes to ensuring your data is secured on every front. Motionwave offers comprehensive network security designed to ensure your network’s traffic is protected from interference or attack from an outside , and also raises cyber security awareness on a company-wide level through innovative and educational cyber security simulations. These simulations are designed to increase company awareness and train teams on how to keep themselves – and the company’s assets – protected.


Email Security


Email security is the first line of defence in cyber security. Not only can email hacking lead to business destruction, but emails designed to manipulate or confuse your business’s staff can also lead to unwelcome detrimental business impact. Motionwave provides email security services that ensure your business’s email activity is safe and secure, including:


Multi Factor Authentication – by using Multi Factor Authentication for email access, emails are more resistant to cyber-attack and pose a significantly greater challenge to any potential cyber criminal. Multiple layers of verification help to ensure email access is only granted to the true email account owner.


Email Filtering – Motionwave’s email filtering is designed to barricade emails from suspicious activity and cyber-attack threats via email hack attempts.


Email Business Continuity – what would happen if your entire company lost access to their emails? Motionwave designs and implements disaster recovery plans with email failover options that enable your business to pick up and continue as usual in the case of a malfunction or natural disaster.


Office 365 Advanced Threat Management –Office 365 Advanced Threat Management is designed to protect organisations from threats such as phishing and zero-day malware. This software leads the industry in terms of its layered protection and draws intelligence from the analysation of billions of emails on a daily basis. Able to flag threats and automate responses, this software is designed to protect your company from cyber-attack harm.


Security Consulting


Unsure about how to keep your business protected in an ever-changing digital environment? Motionwave’s security consulting service brings the tools and knowledge you need to the task of maintaining and protecting your business’s cyber security.

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