What is Colocation?


Colocation is a dedicated building where companies can rent computer equipment, space, and Internet bandwidth for computing services. This service is mainly used by businesses to run their highly secured IT infrastructure. Businesses receive all of the benefits of a fully redundant Internet connection, fully redundant power, and highly secured environment.


What can businesses get from our Colo services?


We allow businesses to place their equipment in our partner data centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Alternatively, they can choose to hire 1 Rack Unit (RU) or multiple Rack Unit (RU) space within our server racks to get the benefits of having their IT equipment stored securely, without the premium cost of renting the entire rack unit.  Each rental agreement comes with high-capacity Internet connectivity to our customers’ offices or usage of the Internet within our data centre.


What benefits do businesses get from our Colo service?


  • Time and cost savings: It can cost businesses approximately $100 per square metre for office space per month in Sydney CBD to store necessary IT equipment. Why not store your business’s critical IT equipment in a highly secured data centre facility at a portion of your office rental cost?


  • Reliability: Each of our racks are powered by redundant power supply and redundant Internet connectivity. They are running in highly controlled temperatures to ensure there’s no risk of overheating and malfunction.


  • 24×7 Monitoring and Technical Services: Our facilities are monitored 24×7 and we can also send someone onsite as needed. All clients are provided with remote access to a dedicated technician who’s on standby 24×7 if they require physical access to their equipment or for any physical work to be carried out on their behalf.


  • Environmental Control: In order to run your IT infrastructure properly, you will need to have a facility where you can control temperature, humidity, cold/hot air flow, and more. We run and manage your infrastructure in a highly controlled and monitored environment to ensure your equipment can run efficiently and reduce the risk of environmental impacts.

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