Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Your company’s online presence and development will often take place with a third-party website provider. While these companies provide valuable design and functionality services, creating web applications without consultation with your IT service provider can lead to issues in roll-out and accessibility if they’re not clearly communicated and managed.


Motionwave is equipped with the skills, staff and experienced needed to build web applications that directly tie into your company’s existing infrastructure. This combination increases efficiency, reduces the risk of crashes and leads to a stronger holistic application user experience.


  • Azure Web Applications


Designed and built by Microsoft, the Azure App Service is a service that hosts web applications and mobile backends. Designed for scale, efficiency and ease of use, Azure Web Applications allows for development across all developer languages and smooth usage with a number of different user environments.


  • Azure SQL Management


Microsoft’s cloud database service enables organisations to store their relational data in the cloud, setting companies up for easy scalability and instantaneous access. Motionwave works with Azure SQL Management in order to allow for rapid app development and simplified maintenance. Azure SQL Management provides industry-leading security to keep your databases and apps protected.


  • Customer Web/Mobile Application


Looking to create an engaging customer experience via a web or mobile application? Motionwave can develop, deploy and manage custom-built web and mobile applications that are shaped to meet your customer’s needs. Utilise Motionwave’s security and asset management capabilities to reduce the impact of integrating a new app into your existing IT and web infrastructure.

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