The healthcare industry relies on accurate and accessible data, necessary for the healthy treatment of all incoming patients. Particularly when it comes to the level of personal data seen in healthcare patient records, it’s also an industry where data security is of the utmost importance to a smooth and proactive organisation.  


With the range of issues facing the healthcare industry, Motionwave Industries is proud to offer comprehensive technological and systems management solutions that contribute to the successful daily operation of healthcare providers big and small. 

Current Issues Facing The Industry 


The healthcare industry is constantly looking to innovate, increasing robustness and capacities as new technological offerings enter the market. However, it’s also a point of necessity to innovate, as the issues that face healthcare operations must be resolved for work to continue as usual.  


Current Issues Facing The Healthcare Industry Include… 


  • Loss of customers due to a lack of touchpoints with previous and current customers. Healthcare providers who don’t build long-term client relationships face a high turnover in customers, decreased profitability and the inability to take long-term health journeys with their customer bases. 


  • The potential for data breaches across patient records. Safekeeping of patient data is a part of the duty of care offered within a healthcare environment, so ensuring a strong data policy and safeguarding the privacy of client records is a crucial consideration across the industry. 


  • Compliance with health regulations. When operations are disrupted due to manual errors, poor data management, inefficient systems or other technological issues, the ability for health care providers to ensure industry compliance suffers. 


  • Limited abilities to upsell across other health services offered. When healthcare providers are siloed in their activity, each department suffers as a result of missed opportunities. 


  • Limited measurements on doctor KPIs. Outdated systems lead to flaws in reporting and can contribute to a culture where the performance of doctors and key healthcare providers aren’t monitored. 


  • A lack of targeted professional development for staff, lost in the bustle of daily operational requirements.  

Impacts to The Industry If Issues are Unresolved 


Given the stakes of the work that’s undertaken in the wider healthcare space, finding resolutions for these issues is of paramount importance. If these issues go unresolved, ramifications can include… 


  • Increased costs – when systems aren’t updated and optimised for daily workflows, the burden on staff increases, leading to additional overheads and wasted resources. 


  • Potential for penalties as a result of Notifiable Data Breaches – if key, private information isn’t kept confidential, healthcare providers face the risk of penalties as a result of data breaches, which can cause impact not only on a financial level, but also on a reputation level.  


  • High training costs – without the ability to share centralised information, ideas, tools and experiences within the service, incoming staff require more hands-on training, leading to an increase of costs and overhead. 


  • Decrease of revenue – lost opportunities to engage with customers for repeat visits, the inability to convert an incoming lead into a paying client and the high turnover of incoming clients can all lead to dramatic decreases in healthcare revenues. 


  • Decrease in service quality – when there’s a lack of clarity across workflows and no transparency in team KPIs, quality across the board can suffer, leading to a drop-off in customer satisfaction and retention. 

Motionwave Technologies Solutions 


Motionwave Technologies offers comprehensive solutions to healthcare providers across key products and services. 


Products Include: 

Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics solution that allows you to visualise data and share insights across your full team. Through connectivity to hundreds of data points, you can receive full visibility across the performance of your staff and resources, creating the ability to set and monitor doctor KPIs.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Microsoft Dynamic 365 brings cutting-edge technology to the task of creating data security. With patient records saved in highly secured data centres, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got comprehensive coverage and protection against data breaches. Microsoft Dynamic 365 can also be used to keep track of relationships with current and previous customers, building follow-up and return visit capacities. It also highlights professional development program statuses for staff, bringing to the forefront the ability to focus on increasing professional development and offering a rewarding and engaged workplace to your wider team.

Microsoft Office 365

Designed for business and enterprise, Microsoft Office 365 comes complete with 99.9% email uptime and the full suite of Office applications for your staff, both in online and offline environments. With communication taking place within a secured environment, you can ensure protection against intentional or accidental data breaches.

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