Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many businesses have the wrong perception about backup and disaster recovery. People believe that if they swap backup drives, it means that they have their backup covered, with full redundancy in place. Have you ever considered the risk that the backup process has never been completed successfully? How do you know if your backup is working without testing it? Most business owners are still taking home backup drives every day as a solution to their redundancy needs. Did you know that 90% of computer hard drives survive for 3 years, and 80% for 4 years? The last thing that business owners want to face is the risk of never being able to recover your data in the event of a fail when it turns out your backup was never completed successfully.


In order to maintain your business’s ability to continue functioning even in the event of a data failure, we highly recommend implementing a disaster recovery/business continuity plan –  before your system fails, NOT after your system fails.


We at Motionwave Technologies have a team of skilled experts trained in taking care of your cloud back-up and disaster recovery. You have a confidence in knowing that your data is 100% recoverable because we do testing your data restore regularly.


Cloud Back-up and Data Recovery options


We work closely with our partners to provide our customers with two options when it comes to cloud back-up and disaster recovery. These options are:


  1. Private Cloud back-up and disaster recovery


You as a customer can choose where you would like to store your data and have the added peace of mind of knowing exactly where your data is stored physically. You can choose Sydney, Melbourne or Perth as your back-up storage location.


  1. Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery as Service


If you don’ need to know where your back-up data is physically stored, this option will fulfil your needs at a cheaper rate. This option sees your data backed up into a data centre in Australia that’s supported by Microsoft.

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