Web & Mobile App Development

Web & Mobile App Development

  • Software and Hardware Recommendations
  • Software License and Warranty Management
  • System Configuration Support


Did you have your new web application created without consulting your IT service provider? Cutting corners in web application development can result in serious problems:

Changes made by your IT service provider will impact your new web application – which could then stop working, while you have no idea why.

Your application becomes inaccessible as a result of security restrictions your IT service provider set up.

At Motionwave we create new web or mobile applications for our customers while maintaining their infrastructure. The benefits to your business include:


Increased productivity – no need to work out which supplier supports which applications, then call several different IT vendors anymore. We can look after all your hardware, software and web applications.


Less ‘blame game’ – when something goes wrong, the last thing that you want to know is whose fault it is for the issue – you just want it fixed, professionally and fast. Letting us deal with your technology issues means no more different IT vendors coming up with wrong advice or excuses.


Peace of mind – just call us as a single point of contact for all your technology needs.


Enhanced Security – from the beginning, we create your web/mobile applications with security considerations in mind because we are also looking after your IT infrastructure.

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