Business Internet

Business Internet

There’s a wide variety of Internet technologies available for businesses, with technologies including NBN, Fibre optic, Wireless Ethernet, Mobile Broadband and Satellite. Which technology will be used depends on both the budget of the business and the availability of the Internet technology? When we deploy Internet connections to businesses, we weigh up these factors in order to employ the best technology for the task.


Internet Access


Businesses can choose between different types of Internet connections for their offices. Different type of connections offer different restrictions – e.g. speed, data allowance, etc.


Some factors that you need to consider when selecting an Internet connection for your business are:


1. Download speed: The download speed controls how fast you can download files from the Internet.


2.  Upload speed: The upload speed controls how fast you can attach files from your local servers. It also controls how fast your customers can download files from your servers.


3. Data allowance: How much data is allowed to be consumed (download/upload) every month?


4. Mobility: Do you have a mobile office or a fixed office premise? Some businesses may have a digital kiosk or mobile office where a physical line connection is not possible. This solution will require wireless Ethernet.


Internet connection options available in the market:


Internet Connection Description
National Broadband Network (NBN) An Australian national wholesale open-access data network project. It includes wired and radio communication components rolled out and operated by NBN Co Limited. There are two options of wired NBN fibre. They are Fibre-to-the-Curb and Fibre-to-the-Premises.
Fiber Optic Ethernet Fiber optic cables are made up of tiny strands of pure glass that carry data through light instead of through electrical impulses.
Mobile Broadband 4G/3G A service with which you are connecting to the Internet by using the same mobile networks that your phone uses.
ADSL A type of DSL broadband communications technology used for connecting to the Internet. It allows data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines.

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