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Microsoft Azure Managed Service

Keeping your IT infrastructure in the cloud is similar to renting a house. You’re still responsible for support, maintenance, and security aspects of your own infrastructure in the cloud. It’s common for businesspeople to have the wrong assumption about the cloud, assuming it’s the Cloud Service Provider’s (CSP) responsibility to ensure that their data is secured and protected from any cyber-attacks. In fact, Cloud Service Providers are not responsible for any elements of the configuration, security, and setup of your business in their clouds. They provide you with a space or “container” – and it’s up to you to configure, set up, and maintain it.


How does it work?


Motionwave Cloud’s as-A-Service is a fully-outsourced IT department service for your business. Our team of experts will work with you in gathering all of the information required about your business, map those requirements to our recommended cloud solutions, and then implement those solutions. There are thousands of cloud applications in the market and we believe it can be overwhelming to decide which vendors or software are best to go with for each businessperson’s needs.  We won’t just sign off on the project once it has been completed. We’ll then assign a dedicated team to maintain and support it. As we all know, technology is changing rapidly – and due to the complexity of cloud technology, you need a dedicated team that knows your system well.


Why choose Motionwave for your Managed Cloud-as-a-Service?


Our primary focus is your business. There is no point in using the greatest technology when it does not increase your productivity and reduce your operation cost. With the range of products and services available on the market, there is no one solution fits all.


Some of the values you’ll receive from your engagement with our team of experts include:


  1. Customized solutions: We believe every business is different. Different applications cater for different needs. Our team is able to build and/or customize existing business applications to suit your needs.


  1. Complete Outsourced Management: We offer fixed monthly fees to help our customers predict the costs associated with their cloud management. This provides our clients with more time to focus on their businesses and reduces the concern of additional costs if their employees need more of our assistance.


  1. High-level security and reliability: We work with Microsoft to offer trustworthy, secure and reliable cloud solutions.

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