Why small and medium-sized businesses needs Virtual CIO?

Companies can grow faster and increase their productivity by introducing ever more advanced technological solutions. This accentuates the need for proper management of said IT systems in terms of strategy, security and efficiency. In large enterprises, this is the job of a CIO. A Chief-Information-Officer is the executive responsible for overseeing operational infrastructure, managing risk, and integrating technologies and processes. It’s an ever-evolving, strategic role; focused on driving digital business transformation and organizational growth. Every company should have an expert in charge of implementing, analyzing and strategizing IT solutions but not all companies especially those small and medium-sized can afford to maintain an in-house CIO because of its associated costs (salary, benefits, insurance, office space) so they hire a virtual CIO or Virtual Chief-Information-Officer who basically performs the same responsibilities and functions but can also provide more-forward looking services.

What are the benefits you get when you hire a virtual CIO?

An effective virtual CIO provides technology solutions that meet your organization’s future state needs and align with projected growth and organizational goals. Listed are the following benefits your company can get when you decide to hire a virtual CIO:

Optimization of resources and increased inefficiency. You can gain multiple benefits when you outsourced your IT Management. Your IT infrastructure will be properly managed and staff can focus on their primary responsibilities.  You can’t expect your regular employees to be fully versed in all IT standards and job intricacies. Putting additional burdens on them can compromise your overall performance.

An effective virtual CIO has infinite technical knowledge and strategic expertise. This allows your virtual CIO to help you optimize your IT systems, so that they are fully aligned with your needs and objectives. This way, all work will be done more quickly and efficiently, and productivity will increase.

Data Security. The safety of your business data is your utmost importance. Your sensitive data are stored on various computers and you need to be careful when it comes to protecting this information as well as preventing security breaches and threats. Your virtual CIO equals a team of skilled professionals capable of preventing malicious attacks to your system. All the while performing regular system updates and creating security policies.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Disaster recovery involves policies and procedures that allow the recovery of vital IT infrastructure and ensure business continuity. This is typically after a disruptive event (severe power outages, floods, fire). By performing daily network monitoring to ensure everything runs perfectly, your virtual CIO will help you eliminate downtime that can cost you thousands of dollars in expenses and lost revenue. Monitoring helps detect data flow issues as they happen, so you can take care of them promptly. Also, your virtual CIO can develop a business continuity strategy that suits your specific needs.

Data Integration. By integrating all of your valuable company data, your virtual CIO will help you avoid duplication and redundancy of operations. As a result, you can share information more effectively. Furthermore, the virtual CIO can reduce the risk of data loss via migration of data, and design plans for optimal data storage and access.

Consultancy Services. Your virtual CIO can provide you with unique advice tailored to your specific business needs. This includes consultations about IT investments you’re planning to make. The IT operations of your company require that you pay attention to a host of details, like regulatory compliance, business continuity, as well as security standards and policies. By hiring a virtual CIO, an entire team of IT professionals will be at your disposal to provide industry-specific advice and expertise. Through an in-depth analysis of your business objectives and assessment of your current technology resources, the virtual CIO can advise you on how to make the most out of your IT budget. This includes expert recommendations regarding purchases. They’ll help you decide on the best hardware, software and cloud solutions. In the end, all of these quality decisions will allow you to achieve your goals much more quickly.

When choosing to hire a virtual CIO for your business, ensure that the provider you are hiring has experience in the field and size of your business. Your provider needs to deliver smart solutions towards your business development and growth. A skilled and experienced virtual CIO consultant of Motionwave Technologies will help you assess your company’s requirements and design the perfect solution for your IT needs.

We provide support to your IT department in strategizing IT solutions so you can focus on the essentials of your business. If you need to learn more about virtual CIO consultancy service of Motionwave Technologies, you may contact us at 1300 337 984.


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