Shutdown of ISDN: What should your business do?

Telstra announced last year that their Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) will no longer serve the Australian public network by year 2022.

This marks a significant impact to many Australian businesses as many companies still rely on ISDN to make and receive calls. With the Telstra ISDN shutdown nearing its end date, how will it affect your business?

If your business is using ISDN it is best to disconnect the service as early as possible to decrease the risk of downtime and more importantly prepare before the disconnection of service takes place. If IP-based telephone is not in place before final disconnection date your staff and customers can face severe disruptions of your service and operations which is something you wouldn’t want to happen. Like any other transition, it will take time so it is best to prepare ahead.

2022 may seem like a long way from now but it is the best time to start exploring other options to replace your ISDN service. What are options in the market that is right for you?

Once ISDN is disconnected, the first thing you need to ensure is to run your new communication over a faster broadband service. NBN provides a faster connection speed and lower cost. NBN is adapted to running cloud-based phone systems.

Cloud PBX is a practical and cost-effective replacement for your old phone system. It lets you communicate seamlessly across all locations using multiple devices. Cloud communication service is delivered over the internet so it is inexpensive and more efficient.

With Cloud PBX, you can set up a centralized number for all your office locations and apply extensions to different department.

The Cloud PBX maintenance and troubleshooting is managed by the provider in an offsite location guaranteeing better security and uptime. Your communication system doesn’t have to be disconnected for fixes and updates. And in addition, your provider will resolve the technical issues or glitches and you need not to worry about it.

Cloud PBX is also highly scalable which means you can expand your phone system as your business grows. You only need to notify your provider to add additional line under your subscription. Adding and removing extensions is also easier and can be done in an online dashboard. Every setting can be adjusted to accommodate the growing needs of your business.

Technology changes can be difficult but it always comes with a bigger and better opportunity for your businesses. Moving to cloud-based system will rationalise your communication into a unified platform.

Once ISDN is phased-out, cloud communication solutions will be the default interface for every business and individuals alike. Cloud-based unified communications can bring ease of utilization, cost efficiency, robust security benefits with the ability to scale quickly. So embracing the transformation from ISDN to cloud will allow Australian businesses to receive the benefits a cloud based unified communication and collaboration brings.

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