Is your 8-Character password still secure?

Password has been part of our day-to-day tasks and our everyday lives. When it comes to user access to systems and applications may it be an access to computers, network, operating system or mobile, password is and will remain to be the most used mechanism.  In the past years, length and complexity of passwords must be observe when creating access which needs to include, special characters, numbers and a combination of upper and lower case letters. Strength of password is viewed as a function of how unpredictable it is. Having said this, do you believe your 8-character password combination ensure you security?

Regardless of what authentication or identification is use by an organization, any system is susceptible to hacking. Password protected applications and systems like email, bank accounts and even social media accounts are tested every day and are liable to continuous assaults brought forward by phishing, malware infection, and password cracking tools. How do you truly strengthen our password security?

While this can be disturbing and very alarming to all, there are several ways user can make sure their password is strong and secure

  1. Make sure that the password you use to your sites are unique. This is by far the most important rule you should take in consideration.
  2. Start using a password manager to help you manage changing your passwords. These services can also auto-generate a strong password on your behalf. The information are kept in an encrypted centralized location.
  3. Please DO NOT REUSE PASSWORD! This can also be connected to using unique passwords for every site. If a hacker was able to get your information and you are using one and the same password for all your accounts, all will be compromised. Use unique password combination for everything.
  4. You can use fake information for password reset or security questions. The last thing you want is for hackers to know your more personal details. This way, you make it difficult for cybercriminals to crack the code. Ensure that these information is stored in your password manager.
  5. Since password is an important data, it MUST be backed-up. In case your cloud service fails, you have a copy that is protected.
  6. Change your password regularly. It is preferred that you change your password quarterly. The more sensitive your information is, the more often you should change password.

After creating your strong password combination you wonder if there is anything you can do to increase your security. In fact, THERE IS! Hackers will regularly try to crack your password no matter how strong you made them so we have tips on how to increase your security even further.

By using Two-Factor Authentication, you bring password security to the next level. A two-factor authentication requires a second means of verifying who you are other than password. It can be a PIN, an SMS that receives an authentication code or a biometric data such as fingerprint or face detection. Two-factor authentication can also be very easy to enable. It will require a few extra seconds when signing to your account but it’s worth it.

A SharePoint site can be used as an internal website or intranet where announcements, projects, tasks, calendars and contact lists can be maintained and shared for use within the company. SharePoint also provides secure access, as each member can be given different permissions, edit or read-only access depending on the needs of the company. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a central portal for exchange of information and collaboration on tasks, and the user interface can be personalized by each person.

If you need assistance in enabling your two-factor authentication for your Office 365 and other accounts, our expert technicians can provide best assistance. Have a LIVE CHAT WITH US! Let us know more about your concerns. Contact us at 1300 337 984 or visit Motionwave Technologies.


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