Is Microsoft Azure Cloud TOO expensive for Small and Medium Businesses

In today’s fast-paced environment, enterprises are looking for feature enhancements that are scalable, more flexible and something that will make their lives easier and more productive. The adoption of cloud computing quickly become a key driving force for every businesses nowadays, as applications are moved out of on premise data centres to cloud platform. It has transformed the way developer and organizations utilize software and IT architecture. It has given users access to virtually unlimited computing power and storage. It enables SMBs to compete with large enterprises since they can get same type of infrastructure as enterprises at a fraction cost. Azure enables SMBs to increase/decrease their needs to meet their business requirements.

Most customers choose Microsoft Azure because of the unique value it provides as a productive, hybrid, intelligent, cost-effective and trusted cloud platform.

No more worries about hardware maintenance and software updates

One of the biggest benefits of using the cloud is the availability of Platform as Service (PaaS). These are services hosted in Azure (such as a database or web application hosting) and the underlying software and hardware is managed for you. This means new applications can be built without requiring a server and licences to be bought and maintained, saving time and capital expenditure. No need to install the hardware or software patches. You can change your plan at any time, should you need more or less capacity, without the expense and disruption of buying and installing additional hardware.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is also available, Azure offers file storage, which is perfect for archiving files or storing off site backups. Virtual machines are another part of Azure’s infrastructure offering, with specifications ranging from the modest to enterprise scale, businesses can even have SQL Server licences included in the per minute cost.

Systems with no downtime

There is more to Azure than just being a storage to put databases and web applications. Azure services are designed to stay running even if the machine they are hosted on fails. This allows 99.99{da6c7c878f3351e9472074d056249a3aa3e214818180bdbccb42739bc5021169} guarantee of uptime for SQL databases, which also means there will be no downtime to your business production.

Latest updates are automatic

Software patches and new functionality are available without the need to purchase licence upgrades or plan for migration. Azure cloud platform comes with all the resources updated automatically, ensuring you have access to the latest technology, features and fixes without any disruption to your service. This also allows you to take advantage of the new functionality and performance improvements without having to worry about having the wrong version of the software.

The wide variety of services and infrastructure available on Azure makes it a rich environment for hosting a system and designing a system with this in mind enables businesses to get the maximum benefit from the services available, allowing you to meet your requirements for cost, performance and availability.

In the right circumstances, using Azure can be cheaper and more reliable than hosting on premises and that is a great opportunity for your business. To learn more, you can check out the new Azure Cost Savings infographic below:

Microsoft Azure is a scalable and powerful cloud platform that can help improve productivity for your business. With Azure, businesses can create a more connected workforce. It allows easy collaboration between employees as staffs can access relevant files and documents from wherever they are. A more efficient system that enables staffs to access files from one central location ultimately leads to an improved business.

Azure also let businesses develop products with speed and agility and this directly affects the ability to respond to customer needs even faster and more effective.

Moreover, Azure guarantees 99.9{da6c7c878f3351e9472074d056249a3aa3e214818180bdbccb42739bc5021169} uptime on their services, there will be no downtime on your business production which will cause your business to make more profit.

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