How your business should handle the COVID-19 Outbreak

The numbers are still growing and to date, a total of 127,846 cases globally have been reported with a total of 4,718 deaths in the last 2 months since the virus have been discovered.

With the virus spreading and continuing to affect 81 countries across the world, what are the best practices and safety measures businesses should follow to help their employees stay free from corona virus infection?

Implementing a working arrangement that is flexible for your employees

It is proven that a human-to-human transmission is possible and to prevent contamination, more of the companies are allowing their employees to work from home. With better infrastructure and technology today downtime in business operations is decreased as systems and all other platforms are online or in the cloud. It is easier for business to be business as usual today even during state of calamities.

Using technology to avoid human contact

There are a lot of tools and platforms that allows your employees to collaborate and communicate effectively with your customers and clients during work-from-home days. Here is everything you need to work from home.

A Unified Communication Phone System

One of the must have tools you can use to run your business smoothly from anywhere is a cloud based phone system. RingCentral is a cloud-based unified communication tool which allows phone calls, messaging, file sharing with no size limit, video meetings with screen sharing and has mobile and desktop apps for iOs and Android. It ensures you are connected with your colleague and clients from any location.

Online Office Suite

Office 365 is a cloud-based email platform and an online version of Microsoft Office that can be accessed in any device in any location. Office 365 also has advanced security features that will help protect your most sensitive data against cyber threats even if your employees are not working in the vicinity of your most secured network.

Web-based document management and storage system

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It extends into an intranet and digital workplace solution. It is a central location where you can easily find the information, people, and tools you need to get things done. A platform where your employees can engage, be up-to-date with the latest company information, share their ideas, and collectively contribute to your company’s goals.

Strong Network Connection

And if you will be switching to remote work in the coming weeks a WiFi router that will ensure a strong internet connection is a must. Cisco routers has an integrated security that can deliver a complete and proven solution to homes and businesses.

People are one of the most valuable assets of your business and when you take care of them they will in return take care of your business. For more informations about tools your teams can use when working remotely, you may reach out to our team of experts at 1300 337 984.


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