How critical is cybersecurity education to employees in preventing cyber attack?

The most critical element of organizations IT security plan is its people. Nowadays, a robust IT security at the perimeter of your network is not enough to defend your business against malicious threats and cybercrimes. You still need powerful hardware and software technologies, but most importantly, you need a work force that understands cyber risks, cyber threats, cybercrime – and how to reduce it.

People are the largest security vulnerability in any organization. Employees of your company are your greatest asset or your greatest security risk. Hackers can quickly access an open network in a blink and staffs leaving devices in unsecured and vulnerable places such as those of the public welcomes these cybercriminals and putting your company’s network and data at a very huge risk. Cybercriminals will try all means to infiltrate an organization. All can wreak havoc.

Making sure that IT security policy is comprehensive to cover all possible sources of attacks is a good strategy but simply having a policy does not go far enough.

It is vital that an organization take a proactive approach in educating its entire workforce about cyber security risks and threats and all counter-measures before someone or something compromises your data, system, business, or even reputation.

Tips to educate your employees on Cyber Security

1.Cyber Security in the work place is everyone’s business and responsibility

Your company’s infrastructure is only as secure as its weakest link and everyone needs to be reminded. No one is immune to cyber-attack. A senior employee is more vulnerable as they hold more information and access, which makes them a greater target to cyber criminals. IT staffs of your organization is also most susceptible as they have power over the network.

2.Communicate on the impact of cyber threats to your business

Most of your staff are not aware that they are potentially undermining your business with every day (mis)behaviours. Explain the consequences of everyday activities and bad habits in the work place. Walking them through a scenario of what could possibly be the effect of their actions can give your staff a better understanding of the negative consequence they can bring to the business – financial losses, damaged customer trust, data breach, etc.

3.Setting rules for internet browsing, accessing social networking sites, mobile devices, and email

Creating a culture of cyber security is the best way to help your staff to adjust to new reality. While raising awareness is an integral part of your security strategy, it is also important that you set strict rules to your office. Encourage your staff of “safe browsing” and warn them of clicking on suspicious links and downloading malicious attachments from unknown sources when using a company device.

4.Training your staff to recognize and respond to cyber-attack

In the event that a security breach occurs, give everybody a heads-up to confine the effect of an attack. Make sure you have a comprehensive security plan and a procedure set up should worst take place so your staffs are prepared to handle, address and console concerned customers, vendors and investors. Let your staff know that any suspicious email or malicious activities need to be reported to your IT administrator.

5.Holding a regular meeting to discuss cyber security

An on-going education about cyber threat where employees can share their thoughts and experiences is very important. Ensure to sustain relevant and updated information about cyber security to your staffs and make it more engaging so everyone can participate. Doing a quick test of knowledge on cyber security is an effective way to assess your staff’s awareness.

Helping staff of your organization better understand cyber threats and strategies for mitigation is critical to the success of your business. Everyone in the organization needs to understand that cyber security is a shared responsibility and a constant vigilance is your best interest that can be a challenge. Strengthen your resilience and create the culture of risk reduction in your organization.

We can provide cyber security awareness training with your employees to help educate them and reduce the risk to your business. Consult Motionwave Technologies to find out exactly what your organization should be doing to stay secure.


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