How can cyber security training reduce risks of businesses getting attacked?

Protecting your business from cyber security threats is important in this day and age. Your data is more valuable and vulnerable than ever before as cyber crimes continue to be a real threat to more businesses in Australia. Securing sensitive data is protecting your customers and safeguarding the reputation of your business. But despite having sophisticated IT security defenses in place, one weak link remains your major vulnerability – your employees.

Your employees can be your best asset and your greatest security liability. They play a critical role in building a strong defense against cyber threats. Educating them and improving their awareness create strong security culture among your organization. 

How do you build a strong security awareness in your organization? 

Cyber Security Awareness is a process of training and educating employees about cyber security and IT protection. We have provided some practical ideas to educate and improve awareness of employees in your organization: 

  1. Create Cyber Security Policy 

Cyber security policy summarizes the assets of your business, the risk to those assets and the guidelines in protecting these assets and your business. It should include issues such as proper handling and storing sensitive business information and materials, information that can only be shared to specific person or role, and the devices that is acceptable to use and to connect to your network. If a business lacks cyber security policy in place, they are leaving their company open to risks of cyber attack. 

2. Build Cyber Security Program 

Your cyber security program should include awareness levels and goals for improvement. Staffs that are new to your organization should be trained when they come on board while existing employees can take refresher courses about cyber security. CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION about cyber threats and reminder about safe behaviour online can make a big difference. 


Running campaign about cyber security is also one of the best ways to remind your employees about your program. You can send regular newsletters or post posters in bulletin boards where programs/campaigns are visible all year round. 

3. Illustrate risks by using examples 

There are plenty of case studies in the news about data breaches and system infections that you can use to illustrate an incident. One good example is by clicking malicious links or opening a suspicious attachment. By making your employees aware of the impacts of cyber incidents you can educate them on practicing safe behaviour online.

4. Keep it simple and relevant 

You need to ensure you are relaying current and relevant information to your employees. A strong cyber security awareness training should address the latest and most pressing cyber security risk. The more your employees know, the more they are able to identify and avoid these risks. 

5. Run a drill involving your employees 

Demonstrating how hackers access your network and deploy malware can make your employees understand more about how cyber criminals launch their attack. The more your employees understands, the more real the risk becomes and the safer their behaviours will be. 

6. Promote safe behaviours to your customers and suppliers. 

If your employees need to be aware of cyber security so as your customers and suppliers. Promoting safe online behaviour using social media channels is one helpful information. Also let them know that sharing passwords and using unsecure Wi-Fi networks can compromise your data as well as theirs. 

7. Measure the Results 

Your cybersecurity program can only be improved when results are measured. An exercise is helpful to see if safe online behaviours are being put into practice.  

Protecting your business and limiting danger and obligations require building a strong security culture among your employees. Educating them EARLY and training them REGULARLY can ensure that they have the best knowledge about cyber security which can eventually be your best defense against cyber attack. 

We can help your company implement a Cyber Security Awareness Training for your employees. Contact our IT experts at 1300 337 984 or chat with us live by visiting our website Motionwave Technologies. 


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