Cloud unified communication system is the future of remote work

The “new normal”. It’s an expression that has been spoken over and over again about the drastic changes forced on society by the COVID-19 pandemic which presents an unprecedented challenge to health, livelihood, and the world of work.

A total of 3.4% of the workforce worked distantly before the COVID-19 pandemic. At the tallness of lockdowns, the pace of individuals telecommuting arrived at multiple times that, with 34% of workers who had recently driven to work currently working remotely. This abrupt, constrained departure from the workplace has tested recently held convictions about telecommuting, and constrained organizations and representatives the same to discover approaches to work better and all the more cooperatively in any event, when genuinely separated.

A lots seems uncertain at present but one thing we do know, remote work is here for the long haul, even after the danger of COVID-19 (hopefully) vanishes.

Employees are you’re most valuable assets which also means their health and safety is very important. And during these times, remote work will be a prudent option and most likely signify a permanent change in how we do business in the “new normal”. Here are the top benefits a unified communication system can help your business and your staffs carried out work seamlessly anytime, anywhere remotely.

1. Increased Collaboration and Productivity. A cloud unified communication system makes a more productive workforce and creates a more flexible environment for your staff. It can be integrated on any device so working, anywhere anytime at these times are possible. It also allows a user’s mobile device to interact seamlessly with a corporate phone system thru the use of mobile applications. Staff can make and receive calls through the corporate phone system no matter where they are.

2. Simplified Scaling and Administration. Upgrade according to the needs of your business. Adding new users can be done anytime in Admin Portal and it can be linked to a desk phone, a physical handset, or a smartphone or whatever tools staff is familiar with making it easier for your customers and suppliers to contact your business.

3. Integration. Cloud unified communication system and Microsoft 365 seamlessly blends business communications into your work environment, transforming your Microsoft 365 integration into an enterprise-grade communications hub with a powerful and easy-to-use interface that is very simple for end-users to deploy and for IT to manage. This integration empowers your workforce with a superior, robust cloud communications solution accessible directly from Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Teams on the web. Minimize the number of applications and programs you need to toggle between to get work done. Make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and view your complete communications history—calls, texts, and voicemails—from either Outlook of Teams UI.

4. Security. A cloud unified communication system has layers of security to ensure all the data and communications are safe against fraud and abuse. It uses various security measures like data encryption, network security, secure voice and video, and more.

2020 taught us a lot of things but one of the most important things is that remote work is not just a passing trend but something that will last even after the pandemic is over. Investing in cloud unified communications systems must be a top priority as it connects customers, employees, and work functions all at the same time. Motionwave Technologies can help you set up your business phone system and integrate it with Microsoft Office applications. Give us a call at 1300 337 984 or chat with us live by visiting our website We will provide you a free network evaluation and more information about how business phone systems can work for you.


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