Cloud based VoIP: Is it an investment or expense?

We are all aware that good communication is one of the key aspects of a successful business. Building a solid communication platform is important for every company, whether it is communicating within the office or talking to customers, effective communication helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of every business.

Even in this modern day technology, we still can see small and medium business owners using the traditional public switch telephony as their go-to communication, however with the advancements of technology and development of internet, Cloud based VoIP (or Business VoIP) is the new communication system that organizations has become heavily invested in globally.

What is Cloud based VoIP?

VoIP isn’t a new concept—it has been around for more than two decades. This modern technology allows users to make phone calls over local area networks or the internet.

Cloud based VoIP (or Business VoIP) is a phone system wherein the business VoIP provider manages and maintain equipment and handles the technological needs and resources which the phone system requires to operate.

Since it is a cloud based platform, data transfer speed is faster making it the communication system that is easiest to use and even more dependable.

Benefits of Cloud-based VoIP


Cloud based VoIP, offers you the benefits of mobility. You can work anywhere because you can access your cloud phone network from any device. This means you can get access and be connected from remote locations like when you are on business trip, travelling, or on the comfort of your own home. Cloud based VoIP also offers versatile applications for smartphones and other smart gadget devices with full phone system features and capabilities, enabling your staff to gain access to real-time data from any gadget they choose.


Traditional phone systems take longer time to setup. Cloud makes it easier for a new user to have his own VoIP line up and running in just few clicks. Adding phone lines, extensions and features is entirely simple and less time-consuming. Using this technology, you can easily scale the number of lines and phone numbers to use so that you are not paying for more than what you need at any given time.


It’s vital to know about any potential security risks early, and know how you can avert them. Intercepted calls, spoofing, fraud and phishing are security threats that can be easily avoided with the correct security set up. Cloud based VoIP gives you and your business more security than a conventional telephone system can. Cloud based VoIP phone system uses various security measures like data encryption, network security, secure voice and video.

Business Continuity

Cloud-based VoIP offers superior business continuity capabilities compared to traditional or on premise alternatives.

Service is managed and operated by a business VoIP provider that has diverse backups so when a company is struck by a natural or a man-made disaster business can continue to receive calls. Staff can also continue using their phone numbers even outside their office. The cloud minimizes the risk of business disruption or downtime.

Business VoIP providers utilizes the latest in technology and equipment to ensure continuity, implementing additional measures like disaster recovery and reliable methods for connectivity in all locations.


Cost is one of the factors businesses consider when choosing their communication solutions. When comparing cloud based phone solutions and traditional or on premise solutions, cloud is far more cost-effective than the latter. Most Cloud VoIP are priced on a per user basis and offers unlimited local and long distance calling and a cheaper international calling fee.

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