Chance meeting sets plan in motion

Working off various spreadsheets crosswise over differing programming bundles in a multidisciplinary rehearse, Errol Lim, APAM & Managing Director of BJC Health, knew there must be a superior approach to disentangle the complexities he confronted to meet his business needs.

Following years of attempting to get different software packages to work as one and tired of committing significant organization assets to a never-ending information extraction, Errol, achieved crest of disappointment level. Looking for help to rearrange his business practices to meet revealing commitments, the overseeing chief at BJC Health in Sydney swung to a progression of business intelligence providers—just to discover each conveying little and empty promises.

Errol says, ‘We had a system in place that involved the use of a lot of huge spreadsheets. We had that for maybe seven or eight years, and it took a lot of administrative resources and, of course, there were human errors made in terms of tabulating things into readable formats so that other practitioners and other staff could make sense of it. We wanted help because we wanted better systems and processes.’

To be able to produce a monthly KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Report, administrative staffs must manually extract information to fill spreadsheets to enable the dissemination of information to providers.

A chance meeting with Henry Chow, Managing Director of Motionwave Technologies, is what it takes for Errol Lim, Managing Director in BJC Health, to end his dilemma.

The discussion began with Errol confiding his predicament with Henry and the two come up with a 3-step plan to simplify task of admin staff and accelerate the reporting process.

They set-up a dashboard that reported on extracted data, abolishing the tedious data entry. With this new functionality, an enhanced customer report was conceivable, enabling BJC Health to decide how often customers came in for specific conditions to an individual practitioner, giving the practitioner an insight to their own service delivery.

Errol says, the new system they are now using isn’t perfect but it is the best structure their business has had, and it is BUSINESS IN PRACTICE. The chance meeting sets a plan in motion that is already presenting great results. The process not only requires Motionwave’s expertise but also BJC Health needed to make strides to guarantee the process worked smoothly on both ends.

‘For these reports, we have saved significant administration load, plus everyone in the organization has 24-hour access to these reports. Reports are now relatively up-to-date, whereas in the past our figures could be up to six weeks delayed. We used to have to wait until the month end before we could report on the figures plus the reports would take another couple of weeks to compile. [The new system] has made a huge difference. We’re able to see gaps and improvements very quickly in anything we measure,’ Errol says.

He also mentioned, ‘The bonus is you get much better staff satisfaction from being able to call on reports when you want. You’ve got managers who are happy with it because they can track performance much easier and staff who have easy access to information.

Read original article in InMotion November 2017.


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