Buy or Build: Making the right choice for your business

Business  or Enterprise software are applications that has the capability to automate processes and procedures which are otherwise complex and time consuming to be done manually. These application saves a lot of time and money by accomplishing various tasks in minutes. Otherwise, companies will need to hire employees to do the following tasks.

Business software makes data structure and documentation easy and simple that it helps running business operations smoothly. Business software involves in various functions that are all directed toward better productivity, efficiency and improved control. These can include features such as data mining, business performance management, operations management and reporting.

Choosing the right business software can enable your company to develop and grow significantly. Understanding the importance of a good software solution can be your edge among competitors helping your business improve and drive it to success.

Learn about the two most basic software solution you will come across to see which one better fits your business needs.

Customized Software

Customized Software is built specifically for a purpose based on the needs and requirements of a business. It is flexible and can be modified depending on the changing requirements of your business.

Advantages of Customized Software

  1. It is a long term investment. Since you have to start from scratch, building a custom software can be expensive but it surely is a smart investment in the long run. You don’t need to pay for license or other unnecessary hardware as well as features that you most likely will not use.

2. It is built to meet the needs of your business.Customized software is made according to your specific business requirements. A knowledgeable developer will adapt to your changing requirements and work together with you to create a solution that is unique. Therefore, no other solution is same as your business solution which gives you a competitive advantage amongst your competitors.

3. It increases productivity. Your team will be more confident to do tasks more efficiently and faster because this solution is designed for meet your needs.

4. It is more secure. Since off the shelf software are available to everyone, it is most likely to be vulnerable to hacking and all other cybercrime attacks. On the other hand, the built of customized software can be hard for hackers to infiltrate as source code is only known by the developer.

5. Scalability. Off the shelf software may not be able to handle the changes of a growing business. Customized software can adjust to the changes and can evolve as the company grows.

Off the Shelf software

Off the shelf software is a ready-made software built for general use. Best example of this kind of solution is the Microsoft Office. It is usually mass-produced and can adapt to a wide variety of business.

Advantages of Off the Shelf Software

1. Available immediately. Unlike customized software that will take time to develop, this kind of software is ready made and can be bought and use immediately.

2. Lower up-front cost. Off the shelf software costs less than customized solutions. It may cost less but general software solutions can mean that you can’t have the solution designed to fit your business process. Your business should be able to adapt to the software which can cost money to do.

3. Software Updates are regular. These solutions aim to always take advantage of new technology and development therefore updates and upgrades normally happen regularly.

4. FREE trial versions. Off the shelf software usually has a free trial version you can try before you buy. Business can be able to test the features and performance and be able to tell whether the software is close to their business requirements.

5. Proactively improved. One of the key advantage of off the shelf software is that it is fully managed and supported by a solution vendor. It is proactively improved to suit the needs of general business.

Business needs may vary particularly from one business to another. Continuous improvement of processes to effectively run the business is a must. Customized and off the shell software may be different in ways they are built and what their purposes is to your business but they both can help your business develop and grow to success. Have you decided which is best for your business? Motionwave Technologies can help you make the right choice.

Motionwave Technologies provide software solutions for different types of business. Get in touch with us for free consultation to know how you can improve your business process in the web. Call us at 1300 337 984 for reliable software solutions.


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