Microsoft SharePoint: A seamless collaboration suite for your small business

Do you know what every business have in common? It doesn’t matter if it’s a healthcare, finance, beauty, technical company, manufacturing or any other type of business…they all make use of documents.

Document are building block of any business. It plays an essential role in facilitating proper functioning and operations of a business. There is no company that can make it through a day without viewing and sharing documents. That includes billings, marketing proposals, project plan, technical documents, and HR policies and guidelines to give some examples.

And since all your employees rely heavily on these materials to carry out their day-to-day tasks, it is very critical to have a system in place to manage the documents across your company.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It extends into an intranet and digital workplace solution. It is a central location where you can easily find the information, people, and tools you need to get things done. A platform where your employees can engage, be up-to-date with the latest company information, share their ideas, and collectively contribute to your company’s goals.

It provides a variety of BENEFITS to your small business such as:


A SharePoint site can be used as an internal website or intranet where announcements, projects, tasks, calendars and contact lists can be maintained and shared for use within the company. SharePoint also provides secure access, as each member can be given different permissions, edit or read-only access depending on the needs of the company. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a central portal for exchange of information and collaboration on tasks, and the user interface can be personalized by each person.


SharePoint has a powerful content management feature that is as same as electronic document library. The electronic document management feature of Microsoft SharePoint provides a central location to store and keep electronic files. It also allows member of organization to import document so that files can be shared with all the members by logging into the SharePoint site. Members can also work collaboratively on the same document, make revisions and access revision history, making it possible to multi-task in a mobile work environment.


SharePoint has a Business Intelligence Centre that will help your business organize your data in a useful way and present these data as a meaningful information. The Business Intelligence Centre is a pre-built website that is optimized to help you manage the elements of your business intelligence reporting such as scorecards, dashboards, data connection, status indicator, status list, records and more.


Because Sharepoint is native to Microsoft environment, it seamlessly integrates other Microsoft apps such as Outlook, Calendar, and other Power Apps. And if your company is already using Office 365, you can easily integrate your emails in your SharePoint site.

Motionwave Technologies uses Microsoft Sharepoint as our information portal and in-house communication. Contact Motionwave Technologies today to discover the advantages of using Microsoft Sharepoint for your business.


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