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Offsite Backup For Business

Are you looking for additional data protection options for your business? Since data is critical for your operation, you need to make sure your data is:


  • Safe
  • Easily restorable
  • Not lost even in the most unforeseen circumstances
  • Accurately backed up
  • Regularly backed up

Our data centre is the best cloud back up solution for businesses that will give you all the above features, and more, for the price of your daily morning coffee!

Local Backup VS Offsite Data Backup

Are you using DVDs or other portable hard drives to back up your data manually? This is a big mistake – here’s why:

  • High cost of recovery: Hard drives may look like a cheap pay-once option, but the costs of data loss and data recovery are huge in case of disk corruption.


  • Physical damage: Disks wear out over time and it is almost impossible to recover all the data.


  • Low cyber security: There is no protection from viruses, worms, ransomware or any other type of data attack from the Internet. Any virus will be easily transmitted from your file to the backed up data, corrupting everything.


  • No accuracy: The backed up data has never been tested. The only time you discover errors is when you begin the restoration process. By then it is too late.


  • Manual errors: It is easy to forget to back up your data manually. If the interval between data backups is long, you could easily end up losing critical data.


  • No protection: All your back up devices are stored onsite. They will probably get damaged in case of fire, natural disaster, crime or sabotage at your office location. In these situations all the data back up will be rendered useless.


Dropbox Vs Offsite data backup

Do you think your files are safe if you save them in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or some other personal cloud storage system? Think again! Using these services is definitely not the best cloud back up for business. Here’s why:


  • Cannot recover deleted files – If you accidently delete a file from your machine, Dropbox will only keep a back up for 30 days. What if you discover the deletion after this period? Your critical data is now lost forever.


  • No Cryptolock protection – Dropbox cannot detect all the viruses out there. If a malware deletes all your files, or demands a ransom for your data return then your only option is to contact Dropbox Support. They do not guarantee full recovery.


  • Limited benefits – Services like Dropbox are useful for syncing files between devices or sharing photos, but they cannot provide the full range of data recovery solutions needed by businesses.

Motionwave Offsite Data Back Up – The Best Cloud Back Up Option For Businesses in Australia

What you get:


  • Automatic data back up to online storage – Regular data back ups take place, automatically – at frequent intervals. Never worry again about forgetting to back up.


  • Push button failover protection – If disaster strikes, you can recover your entire IT operations in less than five minutes, with just a few clicks.


  • On hand assistance – We are just one phone call away, 24/7 and will provide the full assistance needed for data restoration, anytime anywhere.


  • Multiple data copies – We replicate your data over multiple remote disks, ensuring that one correct copy is always available, no matter what the circumstances.


  • In-built data checks – Our data verification algorithms ensure your data is accurate at all times. Any corruption can be detected and fixed before it needs to be restored.


  • Affordable prices – Our full offsite back up option for 100 GB data costs as little as $19.95 per month. You can scale up to 250 GB for $39.95 per month.

Enjoy peace of mind and complete cryptolock protection for much less than your monthly coffee bill! We are the best and most affordable cloud back up solution for businesses in Australia.

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